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Hi! I'm Gabi :)

I just graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems from USP (Universidade de Sao Paulo). It's very similar to a Computer Science major, but more focused on using CS to achieve objectives inside organizations.

I am passionate about using technology and data to make positive impact.

I spent a year in University of Pennsylvania (2013-2014), with a full scholarship from the Government of Brazil (CsF program). I loved the university, the campus, and the city!

My summer internship was at Microsoft New England. It was an incredible opportunity, and I learned a lot! Plus I could enjoy the amazing atmosphere in Boston.

After that, I worked at two education startups in Brazil: Quantica (working on Evoke) and Sílabe.

This Winter I had the pleasure of collaborating with MIT Media Lab's Dazza Greenwood, working on Projects Gallery and iAuth. I am also collaborating with Clarence Dow-Spielman and David Honick in the Life Credit System.

I'm currently looking for freelance projects to work on!

Contact me:

I am best reachable by email: gabrielascardine (at) gmail (dot) com

Some causes that I care about:

Social good, data ethics, women in society (especially in tech and leadership), education, urban planning and pedestrians, homelessness... (the list is always growing.)

Schools and side projects

At USP, I was head of the Academic section of DASI. Among other things, I was in the organization committee of the Information Systems Week (SSI) in 2012 and 2013, and started the study group Sufoco. I was also a member of PET, and co-founded Conecte-SI (if you're an alumni, join us!). My undergrad research was on data mining and social networks with Prof. Luciano Digiampietri.

In high school, I went to CTI-Unesp, a vocation school where I studied Informatics. My final year project was a fluxogram interpreter called IF, and our "company" was called Else. We wrote weekly posts on our blog for the entire year :)

I also used to read and write Harry Potter fanfics, and later on, McFly fanfics. I made amazing friends in these communities. With one of them I co-founded the first Brazilian website about Twilight - which in 2007 was lots of fun!

Read more in my portfolio.