I have been working with Dazza Greenwood, lecturer and researcher at the MIT Media Lab, to develop a Project Gallery for the Open Innovation Network.

Project Gallery for the 2016 Codex Hackathon

The idea behind it is to create extensible and easily duplicable galleries, where you can group open-source projects and keep track of up-to-date information fed by the authors themselves, all through Github.

Anyone can fork the Project Gallery repository, add different project descriptions (using JSON files to store the data), and display the information they wish.

This is possible through JavaScript calls to the Github REST API to retrieve the data from the chosen repositories.

Future developments include:

  • Improve documentation and simplify step-by-step explanation
  • Improve design
  • Include lists of labels and people in the JSON structure
  • Create lists of repositories that will serve as sources for project data
    • Give as an option of repository list all the forked repos